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Locavore. noun. 1. a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally, usually within 100 miles of home.

What's In It For Me?

  • Purchase our LOCAL, PREMIUM products for MUCH lower prices!
    • Check out the Member Prices under the product photos in our online store!
  • We'll deliver your FIRST order FREE right to your DOOR! (if you're in our delivery range.)
  • Enjoy MEMBERS-ONLY perks and promotions throughout the year!
  • Support LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE agriculture! 
  • Join a movement to help make REAL local food available to regular folks like us! 
  • Have access to individualized prices for special circumstances (i.e. bulk discounts for your special events, special diets etc.)

What's In It For The Farm?

At Tree Hill Farms we pride ourselves on transparency. We don't like to be sold on gimmicks and slick sales tactics so we figure our customers probably don't either! So why the membership? If we can charge lower prices, why not just lower the prices? 

Raising meat and produce using natural, sustainable methods costs more at every level than conventional farming. Additionally, selling local instead of shipping food across the country results in much more flavor and nutrition, but also limits our potential customers to local families. We prefer this! We believe that this is how food was meant to be raised and consumed. However, we also desire to grow at a scale and sell at a volume that makes Real Food as affordable and accessible as possible! Enter: the Flavor Fresh Locavore Membership.

The $49 membership gives us a sense that you are committed to buying from Tree Hill Farms. You will get the $49 back in savings and the potential for a lot more throughout the year, but we can only afford to charge the member prices if we know we're selling a higher volume. We can't support our own families if we're charging discount prices and only selling a small amount of product. But we CAN offer you a better price if we know you will buy consistently. So the $49 is a show of faith on your part that we can count on you to partner with us in making Real Food accessible to regular people like us! Ready to Join the Movement? 

How Much to Join?

  • You can join for a full year right now for only $49!
  • One purchase of our Large Family Red Velvet Pork Bundle at the member price and you've already saved enough to pay for your membership! 

I'm Ready to Save! How Do I Sign Up?

  • You can purchase your FLAVOR FRESH LOCAVORE membership right here! Just hit the Become a Member button below! 
  • Once you complete your membership purchase, you'll get a confirmation email.  
  • Give our system a few minutes to update your prices and we'll contact you when your membership prices are adjusted.  
  • Now, you're ready to shop! 
  • After your first order we will contact you for your FREE DELIVERY option! (only available in our delivery area.)