Welcome to Tree Hill Farms!  We’re the Livingstons and we are crazy about Fresh Flavorful Local food! We are a BIG family with BIG appetites and BIG dreams. We love eating well. We love eating clean. We love helping others do the same! Both our farm and our families are on a journey toward healthier, happier lives and we want to take you along with us. 

What began as an industrial grain and hog farm generations ago, is growing into a permaculture haven for animals and plants to grow and flourish in the ways nature intended. We strive to make our land work for us and produce the food that you crave while nourishing and building the soil and keeping the plants and animals as closely aligned with nature as possible.

We consider ourselves regular people and we want to make exceptional, clean food available to regular people like us! One of our favorite things to do is gather together and eat ridiculously GOOD FOOD! The experience of gathering and laughing and celebrating life around a meal is what drives us to constantly grow and learn as farmers. We want to be able to provide our local communities with the local, exceptional Real Food that you need to truly enjoy food while fueling your body to live a full life!

Not only do we love raising foods that are safe, flavorful and nutritious for our family and yours, we love helping you overcome obstacles that are keeping you and your family from eating Real Food! We want to help educate on the benefits of eating Real Food and open up about all the things we’ve learned on our journey away from Processed & Conventional  toward Nutritious & Healthy (which turned out to be much more Flavorful & Exciting!)  The Tree Hill Farms moms know what a challenge it can be just to feed your family every day (especially when you have as many as we do!) Feeding them WELL can be downright overwhelming. For this reason, we are working hard to develop recipes, meal plans and the easiest possible shopping experience for you! 

We hope you stick around and grow with us! Try out our products, contact us at any time with any questions, and keep your eye out for our Flavor Fresh Farm to Table section coming very soon packed with recipes, tips, videos and more.