Real Food Made Simple

Grass Fed Beef, Heritage Pork , Free Range Chicken & Eggs, Chemical-free Produce & Microgreens

If you've been struggling to find Real Food to fuel and heal your family, you can take a breath and rest a minute. You found it!!

Eating Real Food Can Be Hard!

Industrial food labels are misleading.

Local food is hard to find.

Meal planning is exhausting.

We can help you!

Does your intuition begin whispering to you when you see so many food sensitivities? So many of us spinning our wheels trying to lose weight and gain energy? So many manufactured products designed to give you energy, strength and fuel?  Wait. Isn’t that what food is for?

If you're like us, your intuition gets even louder when you begin to research. You find out that in our culture we tend to consume more lab-manufactured products than food. We eat ourselves into ailments and then consume lab-manufactured medicine to help. What? I thought Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Maybe we misread it. He must have meant "ruin thy body with pseudo-food and try to fix it with pseudo-medicine?"

It's easy to see we've taken a wrong turn somewhere. So now what? You've seen the evidence and surrendered to your intuition. How do you find this elusive REAL FOOD that helps and heals? Where do you get food raised by real farmers who cares about these things?Good news! You FOUND IT!

With Tree Hill Farms you can have...

1. Confidence In Your Food Choices


No more labels! Just ask us. We're real people. We've been where you are!

Email. Call. Visit the farm. We want to get to know you. We want to hear your story! 

We want you to know us and know how we grow your food.

Know your Farmer. Trust your Food Choices.

2. A Streamlined Shopping Experience


I'm Amanda. Wife of Farmer #1. I dread grocery shopping. I mean. DREAD.

I LOVE the idea of shopping online from my home and just putting the pick up day/time in my phone. Check a big portion of my groceries off of my list and skip the check out lines and kid drama!

That's why we do it this way. Life is busy. Eating well shouldn't be a chore.

Order online anytime. Pick up at your chosen spot. Feel like a Rock Star Mom. Done.

3. Farm To Table Service


I'm Deanna. Wife of Farmer #2. I dread the "What's For Dinner?" question!

We love food, but no one wants to decide WHAT to eat.

I LOVE the idea of EASY recipes at my fingertips!

That's why we're constantly working on meal planning and simple recipes for you! 

That's why we grow food that tastes so good it doesn't need much fuss.

Easy Recipe. Real Ingredients. You feel like a chef. Family feels pampered. Boom.

Sign up now to receive free recipes and menu planning tips from our Flavor Fresh Farm to Table Service! 

How It Works

1 Sign Up!

Create your free account and choose your pickup location or home delivery (Pick up locations are free. Home Delivery carries a $9 fee.)

2 Shop!

Browse through our ever growing selection of real food products and decide which real food experiences you need in your life this week! Consider a Flavor Fresh Locavore Membership for lower prices!

3 Enjoy!

Your order will be delivered to your home or preferred pickup location.

"Brian and I just recently got our first batch of microgreens from the farm...they are amazing to say the least!!! Looking forward to all of the goodies we will be purchasing from the farm as they become available. Happy beyond belief with the quality and variety!!! Thank you Tree Hill Farms!!!" - Dewana, 2016

"Love the fresh veggies. Very friendly people. Recipe sharing so if you see a veggie & aren't sure how to prepare it they can help." -Melissa, 2017

When I started reading food labels in the grocery store I couldn’t believe how many chemicals and additives I was putting in my body so I started looking for more natural alternatives. I was so happy to find that Tree Hill Farms offered exactly what I was looking for locally so I got a membership and gave them a try. The food, service and selection has been above my expectations and I can’t recommend enough giving them a try... (read more)  -Joe, 2018 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product you’ve purchased from Tree Hill Farms, we will gladly issue a replacement product or full refund.